Service Support

Q1: How to make back-up to ensure the data is safe? For how long can I keep the data in the SSD?

A: At present, all kind of storage media including CD, USB Flash Drive, SSD are not able to store data forever. So we suggest that important data should be backed-up to different media to prevent from the risk of data loss.

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Q2: The system requires formatting once connected with SSD. Is this a normal occasion?

A: This is a normal occasion when you install this SSD for the first time. But if the SSD has already loaded with some data, and the system still requires formatting when connect with this SSD, you should check if the SSD is installed with correct way. If the problem still cannot be sold, please contact customer service.

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Q3: When the Power Bank shows only one cell of power left in the indicator, the Power Bank stop charging the cell phone, why?

A: It is because of the overcharge protection program setting for the power bank in order to ensure longer life cycle. Please do not make the power bank charge other devices when it shows only one power cell left. It’s time for giving more juice to the power bank instead.

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